The Sailing Villa; sustainable living and electric boating

With the Sailing Villa you have a pleasure craft with the comfort of a home. You can live for a longer or shorter time on the water without the need of a mooring permit. Sufficient power is generated by the 32 solar panels for energy neutral living. The excess energy is stored in large battery packs, so that a longer period with little sunshine may be covered. If you want to sail to a nice spot in the nature, then two electric motors are available for 5 to 6 hours sailing at cruise speed. The shallow draft of only 60 cm can get you almost anywhere. Mooring is easy with the four hydraulically operated spud poles on every corner, so you lay as firm as a house. The heavy insulation and double or triple glazing provides comfortably living and sailing also in winter. Each Sailing Villa is tailored to the needs of the customer. A roof terrace, 1 or 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom finishes, engineering, etc.